Monday, August 25, 2014


                            EVERY WOMEN A HUMAN RIGHTS MENTOR,                                                                             --TO CLOSE THE GAP OF DIGNITY.
Women around the world calling for an in depth discussion on:                                                    The Meaning of Human Rights As Relevant to Our Daily Lives.                                 In a joint effort, each in our Community, accepting this vision and mission, we pledge to:           Raise our voice...--evoke and mentor an ongoing Narrative on unquestionable  equality, for all to realize in full equality, the freedom from fear and want                             
            Closing the gap of dignity between Women and Men, that is prevalent and hurtful everywhere in the world, is the most important promise, an imperative, the most important challenge for the 21st century.                                                                                       To achieve full equality, we women, wherever and whoever we are, must recognize our responsibility to become active partners in facilitating the implementation of an ongoing process of Learning. This process, in many forms, aims to have all women, men, youth and children learn, know, & OWN, human rights as relevant to our daily lives -as a way of life- and in community take the necessary actions, accordingly.              For this purpose we must join to create a global conscientiousness that will channel all people’s actions to achieve sustainable economic, social and human development in full equality, guided by the promise of the holistic vision and practical mission of human rights. It may seem impossible but it can be a dream to come true,                 Women, assuming in their communities the responsibility as mentors, can secure a future where all people belong in equality, in dignity, in community with others!             --A future where all community actions are guided by the comprehensive, interconnected, interrelated and indivisible Human rights framework; where meaningful  equality is presented in a wealth of norms and standards.                                                     These are Human  Rights!! – inalienable – no one can take them away!                    As mentors, we women, opening a discussion on Human rights as a way of life, stand to bring added strength and richness to all cultures and religions and imbed the recognition of the humanity of women...--of WE the “OTHER”!.                                                  In this process we will give a voice to all human hopes and aspirations. We will be holding in our hands a powerful tool to break through the vicious cycle of humiliation.           --Away from POVERTY, FEAR and GREED and the three oppressive “P”s:  Patriarchy, Politics and Power.                                                                                                     We call on Women everywhere, being discriminated against merely because we were born women, to shine the light on this learning journey and to facilitate in our communities discussions to re imagine, re-cast and re-define the ultimate meaning of our lives, in equality that is so well enunciated in the holistic human rights framework.         Women as mentors, stand to give real power to human rights; together learning to identify the difference between symptoms and causes of inequality..                                                                                                                                                                   

            Through systemic analysis, creating new realities for women as unquestionable full human beings, we will together move “power” to human rights! .-- a counter and necessary dynamic, to become full owners of economic and social Justice, fully adopting positive creative alternatives available to us. Together to curve the road that enables our walk towards new horizons of our own choice!!  --These guided by the extraordinary roadmap offered to us by the human rights framework,                                       In summation: we must learn to recognize the humanity of others as our own. We must learn to recognize women as full human beings with undeniable human rights, and most important: women must lead the discussions on the issues we are facing.                            We must learn to redirect our actions to effectively move on an horizontal plain towards new horizons, achieving new dreams, new hopes, --using an all together new language of hope, knowing that food, education, housing, healthcare and work at liveable wages are our inalienable human rights.  No one can take it away from us!!                   We must never again exchange our equality for survival and never abide by the injustices some call ‘justice’, assert and insure our belonging in dignity, whatever the life form we choose to abide by, without hurting the other...--whatever historic memories guide our desires...--whatever culture gives us a sense of security and being!!.                      Human rights close all gaps of unfulfilled dignity. Human rights are about inclusion. They extricate exclusion, as an important example, provide a meaningful way to overcome poverty,,,--people learn to claim irrevocably their human rights...-- knowing that these are unacceptable, egregious violation that must be eradicated!.            Whoever we are, we must build trust and respect and design a new future with full equality at its centre, in full respect and positive actions,. .                                                      Thus, for the multitudes that grew in 110 years, from one billion to seven billion, to own, to act and have the human rights framework guide our action is the way to go!.   This is a call on all women, we who stand to gain the most, join in an intense and ongoing process of MENTORING that will move charity to dignity.                                             Human rights learning and mentoring must become a never ending ongoing process,,,--joining to analyze how our lives affect the lives of others and together strategize how to close all gaps of unfulfilled dignity...—to reinvent our lives as we choose it to be...--add a new link to our past and to our historic memory. --Raising human rights to the level of a true way of life and self empowerment. .                                          No one should be left behind. We women --half of humanity --an acknowledged source of moral authority—need to assume the day-to-day mentoring of others towards integrating the holistic vision and practical mission of human rights as a world view, the absolute truth to guide our lives. A covenant must be made, one that assures that the sanctity of life will never be desecrated or stepped on.                                                         This step-by-step process of women mentoring communities is a sure way to acknowledge and achieve equality!!  --women and men learning to participate as equals in the decisions that determine our future, for all to learn human rights as a relevant to our daily lives!    Join us in this effort. The future of humanity is in your hands! . We have no other option!!                         Shulamith Koenig , Founding President , People’s Movement for Human Rights Learning .  ;

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