Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Good practices promoting the integration of gender equality into academia and research institutions VI/VII

During the research phase of the present project, one to three examples of interesting measures that contribute to promote gender equality in research and higher education institutions were identified in each of the EU Member States. The goal was to set concrete examples that can inspire the work of others throughout the EU. From the 57 examples identified across the EU Member States, 31 practices with potential were chosen. In an expert consultation meeting held in Vilnius in November 2015, 10 ‘good practices’ were selected. The process to select the good practices comprised: 
• Identification of relevant examples at EU Member State level against EIGE’s basic criteria to assess good practices • Consulting stakeholders in an online discussion to define additional qualitative criteria to assess practices with potential • Definition draft qualitative criteria based on the insights gathered at the online discussion • Pre-selection of practices with potential • Organisation of a peer review meeting to decide on a final set of qualitative criteria to assess and select good practices • Re-working the good practices selected at the peer review meeting

The selected good practices provide insightful and detailed information about initiatives aiming at:
• Raising awareness and building competences of staff involved in recruitment and selection processes • Ensuring a balanced representation of women and men in decision-making structures • Rewarding the integration of a gender dimension in research and teaching • Monitoring and evaluating the institution’s progress towards achieving gender equality • Coordinating and providing support to implement gender equality actions in the institution • Promoting a gender-integrated leadership programme • Fostering gender-sensitive practices to support career progression.
More information about the identified practices can be found on the GEAR action toolbox.

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