Saturday, August 19, 2017


Planning for one’s end of life expenses is, certainly, depressing and stressful in and of itself. Trying to plan for what happens after death is even more stressful when funds are limited and focused on providing the living with necessities.
Arranging these discussions as early as possible can take some of the stress away from having to do so when the situation requires it. It cannot be assumed loved ones will automatically know one’s wishes or how final expenses are to be paid for. Preparation is key and having certain steps in place will ease the burden on surviving family members.
Completing steps such as health care directives including a living will which will expressly detail your wishes and completing a durable power of attorney for health care, which will appoint a trusted someone to determine health care in the case of incapacitation, will lessen the stress and alleviate the emotional toll on loved ones.
Next, consult with a legal representative to determine whether a durable power of attorney for finances, a living trust or a will is most appropriate for the circumstances. Ensuring finances are in order not only protects loved ones left behind, it also ensures wishes are respected.
Working with a hospice and social worker can help maintain the legal, ethical and moral expectations which can be missed when preparation is not completed ahead of time. It can also help to prevent unnecessary life-prolonging treatments which were not desired but implemented due to a family member’s inability to let go.
Reading or hearing an individual’s wishes in their own words can help those left behind to cope and process their guilt and sadness. Planning for end of life is not only a kindness to loved ones, it is also a benefit for those working to aid survivors through the entire process.
When it comes to retirement, pre-retirees have many decisions to make and a new world of opportunity to consider. While many choose to stop working altogether, there are many others who continue to work part-time to maintain a sense of purpose and supplemental income for their golden years. Preparation is paramount to preventing stress when planning for retirement and especially when it’s finally time to enjoy life.

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