Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Typical exposure source at home – cleaning detergents

Typical chemicals in detergents

All-purpose cleaners There is a wide range of all-purpose cleaners. They may contain strong irritants like ammonia, which can also cause kidney and liver damage; chlorine, also known as bleach, and carcinogens like formaldehyde. Very often they contain preservatives, perfumes and colourants including hormon disrupting chemicals and chemicals, which can provoke skin sensitization and respiratory distress.

They may contain bleaches, synthetic whiteners, and sensitizing fragrances and surfactants. Detergent residues on clothes and bed linens can be a source of skin irritation, and lingering scents from scented products can cause respiratory reactions.

A dishwasher usually gives better results with significantly lower water consumption and time. Machine dishwasher detergents often contain environmentally harmful phosphates and sensitizing substances. Detergents for doing the dishes by hand are in general less harmful for the skin.

Bath and toilet 
Many toilet bowl cleaners, toilet blocks and deodorants are often highly caustic and form toxic gases when mixed with water. They can contain 1,4-dichlorobenzene, a carcinogenic chemical which can cause liver and kidney damage, hydrochloric acid, whose vapors can cause coughing and breathing difficulties, and chemicals which are severe eye, skin and respiratory irritant, and can form carcinogenic chlorine gas.

Floor, carpet, furniture 
Floor, carpet and furniture cleaning agents may contain carcinogenic and neurotoxic solvents and preservatives and hormone disrupting phthalates as well as sensitizing fragrances.

Air Freshener 
A lavender potpourri in the bathroom, a scented candle in the living room, a “sea breeze“ spray or an odor remover for cigarette smoke and cooking smells: instead of a positive impact on our well-being, air fresheners may contain chemicals that are carcinogenic and cause allergies and respiratory reactions.


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