Friday, January 2, 2015

Education, Science, Technology and Innovation : Transformation for All; Recommendation 9

a)      Fulfil every woman’s and girl’s right to safe, quality free education including primary, secondary, tertiary, vocational and non-formal education.

b)      Promote the importance of girls’ education, providing incentives to encourage communities in vulnerable situations to send their daughters to school, and eliminate discrimination against children from minority ethnic and social groups.

c)      Include human rights education in school curricula at all levels to promote of culture of peace, inclusion, respect for diversity and women’s rights.

d)      Use Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) to increase access to quality education and build platforms for cooperation and networking to facilitate advancement of women.

e)      Ensure use of ICTs in schools, include STI in curricula, enhance girls' awareness and involvement in STI, hence increasing the digital and scientific literacy of women and girls.

The Geneva NGO Forum appreciates the extensive volunteer support and contributions of women’s and feminist organizations and individuals, as well as all the partners that supported the Beijing+20 NGO Review especially the Governments of Switzerland, the State of Geneva, the City of Geneva, Canada, the Netherlands, and the USA, among others. We deeply extend our gratitude to the UN Economic Commission for Europe, the United Nations Office in Geneva (UNOG) and UN Women for their collaboration. The forum was convened by the NGO Committee on the Status of Women (CSW), Geneva. Further information is available on

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