Thursday, May 5, 2016

Recommendations to the government of the Russian Federation in line with its international obligations 7/7

Recommendations to the government of the Russian Federation.

In line with the international obligations of the Russian Federation the recommendations to the Government of the Russian Federation would be the following:

- To pass a developed Federal law on domestic violence;

- To exclude the crimes committed in the family from the category of private prosecution and assigning them to the category of public prosecution.                                                  

- To set up an effective national mechanism at the Federal level to ensure women’s rights. This mechanism must have power to hand down binding decisions.

- To introduce in the agencies of the Ministry of the Interior a consolidated system for the collection of statistical data, which would take into account the nature of relationship between the offender and the victim as well as gender breakdown.

- To adopt at the Federal level a State Programme on Prevention of Violence against Women.
- To include gender education in the courses of Universities and schools and include it in mandatory training for those who are employed by the state, including social services, police, judges, 
prosecutors and public administrations.

This report is prepared by a group of experts under leadership of “ANNA” Centre for the Prevention of Violence. The Report covers areas of concern in regards to women’s rights especially violence against women with assessment of the state system of tackling violent incidents against women, hence the emphasis in the report on the analysis of the current law and practice.
The monitoring was conducted in Russia in 2010—2015. The monitoring results do not claim to be comprehensive; however, they do provide a general assessment of the situation, identify key problems and trends, evaluate the steps taken to resolve them and analyse existing obstacles. The list of violent incidents contained in the report is neither exhaustive nor representative; however it is a vivid illustration of the nature and scope of violence committed against women in Russia.

 Drawing by Violeta Doval Hernández

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