Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Fighting Rape as a Tool of War

Sisters Week 2012: Fighting Rape as a Tool of War

“It has probably become more dangerous to be a woman than a soldier in armed conflict.”
During the civil war in Libya in 2011, troops loyal to Dictator Mommar Ghaddaffi raped thousands of innocent women from teenagers to mothers. MWB is proud to be one of the few American Muslim agencies that stepped up to help these survivors, providing them counseling and financial assistance. But our student base has asked us to step up and do more. “Sisters Week” was designed to bring a voice to the victims of a crime that is often ignored in our community.
“Sisters Week” is an annual campaign being launched on campuses throughout the world this spring to focus on issues that affect, empower, and educate women. This year’s campaign we will be focusing on rape as a tool of war. But we need your support.  Anyone with a big heart and an outpouring of compassion can take part in this initiative. You don’t have to be a female to participate; everyone’s help is needed in raising awareness about this horrible crime.
This year, Sister’s Week will run from March 23rd -March 30th, 2012 at campuses across the United States and Australia. The purpose of this project is to simultaneously raise awareness and raise funds for suffering women across the globe.  Join us in this noble effort! Level of participation may vary according to the preferences of each chapter or individual. You can do something as small as setting up an information booth, hosting a bake sale, showing a documentary–or as big as putting on a banquet. MWB’s student staff will work with each person and chapter to design and coordinate events and provide campaign information (such as brochures). The intent is that all of our small acts of kindness will ripple into a major wave of benefit for our sisters insha’Allah. This is an issue we cannot afford to ignore. Renew your intentions, and get on board with Muslims Without Borders.

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