Thursday, June 1, 2017

The Kilimanjaro Initiative OBJECTIVES 2/4

  • To strengthen the agency and movement of rural women in claiming and defending their land and natural resource rights in Africa.
  • To engender political will amongst national governments, donor and regional institutions to implement an all-inclusive African women’s charter.
  • To mobilise and support the participation of 100,000 rural women in the Kilimanjaro Initiative in at least 20 countries in Africa.
  • To raise awareness on existing frameworks and safeguards around large scale land based investments and demand for their application in securing legitimate tenure rights of rural women in Africa


“We, the rural women of Africa, assembled in Arusha from 14th to 16th of October 2016, present this African Women Charter of demands on land rights developed through a consultative process involving representatives of the Rural Women Assemblies and women farmers’ forums from over 21 African countries. All demands presented below were endorsed by all members of the Assembly.”

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