Sunday, March 4, 2018


  • We live in a country whose constitution guarantees total equality between men and women in all fields (articles 21 and 46) in addition to engaging the State in promoting women’s rights and enforcing such equality in practice.
  • We live in a country who signed, ratified and officially removed all reservations to the International “Convention on the Elimination of all forms of discrimination against Women” (CEDAW). Each signatory country is bound to adopt and apply national legislation that complies with the convention.
  • We live in a country who adopted on last August 11th, a historical and comprehensive law to end all forms of violence against women, including economic violence.
  • We live in a country whose law imposes on women to contribute to the family expenses if they own properties. (Article 23 of the Family Code, CSP).
  • We live in a country where inequality in inheritance slows down female entrepreneurship, impoverishes women and reduces their autonomy. Only 12 % currently own a dwelling and only 14 % own land. The scarcity of resources inherited by women significantly reduces their access to property and credit. This, in turn, hinders their autonomy and increase their vulnerability and that of their family.
  • We live in a country where women are more and more educated, capable and skilled (they represent 53 % of students in the secondary school and 66 % in the Tunisian university). They contribute as much as men to the household needs in all categories of expenditure. They deserve therefore, an egalitarian distribution of means and inheritance.
  • We live in a country where, despite the principle of equality between women and men, stipulated in founding texts and regulations and despite advancements obtained by women, important dimensions of gender inequality, patriarchal practices and gender based violence, remain to be addressed.
Maintaining gender inequality in inheritance is not only discriminating and anti-constitutional, but it also hampers women’s access to full citizenship status.
Equality in inheritance is a precondition to build a democracy with a full citizenship for all Tunisians and to accomplish the modernization of our society.
That's why as 30 years ago, as 10 years ago, against gender discrimination in inheritance law and against injustice, we invite you to join our fight and our big March for justice and equality in the Inheritance, which has been our struggle for decades, next 10 march 2018.
Join us, numerous, men, women and allies in saying “Yes for the Gender Equality in Inheritance”!
So that Tunisia, country of revolution, becomes also, the country of Women’s Rights!
As long as our claim will not be heard, we shall continue our fight and keep the momentum.
The Tunisian National Coalition for Equality in Inheritance
  • PS: Please share our call with friends and networks. Our gathering will start at 14 h, from Bab Saadoun to join the gardens of the Bardo Museum, where a music concert, led by AIDA Niati Director of the Conservatoire of Music "Andalousies", will be held. 18 women singers will perform in 10 different languages from the Mediterranean.

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