Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Lacking historical understanding of violence against women and men’s complicity in it 9/9

Another concern that women have is that many men who become involved in violence prevention do not do their ‘homework’ and often do not know anything about the history of the women’s movement response to violence against women and have little knowledge about the structural causes of men’s violence (Macomber 2014). Consequently, even with good intentions, they may end up reproducing the gender inequalities which cause the violence they are working against.
Thus, it is necessary for dominant groups to educate themselves about their own privilege and power (Temasese et al. 1998; Pease 2010; Macomber 2014). Men need to understand their role in the reproduction of gender inequality and their shared responsibility for the continuation of the structural gender relations and the patriarchal culture which supports men’s violence against women (Pease 2015). Such an understanding is essential if men are to become allies to women and to implement principles and practices that ensure their accountability to women’s services.

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