Friday, December 7, 2018

Can you help us find Giovanna? #WeMissGiovanna #NosFaltaGiovanna

From December 4, 2010 the trail of Giovanna Paulina Pérez Constante disappeared for her parents and loved ones. She was 19 years old. It has been eight years of pain which we want to end.

The search has been tireless on the part of the family without obtaining the desired answer. Everyone in Ambato (Ecuador) knows his face from the  posters placed all around the city and in  social network spaces that included the reward of the Ecuadorian Government of 200,000 dollars for calls contributing to find Giovanna (information tlph l800 335 486 )

At this moment we are calling for a final effort, a deafening scream that achieves in Ecuador all political instances of power so that, in an exercise of responsibility,  heaven, earth, sun and sea will be moved to find Giovanna.

We know that the societies that do not attend, protect, care for and value their women are more prone to the occurrence of feminicide and disappearances and we want each member of the citizenship, as a conscious and mature society, to take responsibility for our share of guilt in these behaviors that build unhappiness and pain and get, in this case, that justice reaches the house of Giovanna's family.

Negligence, delays, inattention and failures in the research process have occurred, hiding clues to reach Giovanna and this must stop.

This is a wonderful opportunity for the Universities in which both Giovanna and Andres Lopez Lizano, (the young man he was with on the day of his disappearance) were, become aware of the inequality, abuse and harassment  against women occur and work seriously to correct them. All public agencies must join in that endeavor, as recommended to Ecuador by the United Nations.

From here we call everyone on December 7 in the Plaza Ceballos de Ambato, Tungurahua, in front of the Prosecutor's Office, at 10 o'clock in the morning to push the Justice System that seems to be asleep, partial and has acted in an irresponsible and inhuman way.

If you are not in Ambato, we ask you to help and support Giovanna's family, especially her mother Yane Constante, following her in her struggle and spreading the image of Giovanna and her companion as many spaces as possible in order to obtain clues. 

Any information call: 00593998299508

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