Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Inadequate living conditions. Insufficient medical care 1/3

The medical coverage provided by the insurance that that employer has to purchase is considered insufficient, since it only covers the costs of certain emergency procedures. The insurance does not cover medical care and medicine for the worker when she gets sick, so care in this case depends on the employer’s goodwill. The medical expenses are often deducted from the worker’s salary, according to some of the cases we came across, and rarely do they get to see a doctor. When the MDW gets sick, the employer often provides her with some pain relief, and very few of the participants said that they were allowed to rest when they got sick.
Meanwhile some employers were reported not to have covered medical expenses if when the worker
had to visit a doctor:
“The employer used to deduct many things from my salary. One time the Madame took me to hospital. I thought she was going to cover all the costs. Instead she deducted the medical expenses from my salary.”
The basic expenses of MDWs, including housing, clothing and food, are the responsibility of the
employer – yet these are among the rights of the workers that are regularly ignored.

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