Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A renewed focus on gender 1/6


I must be honest and confess that gender equality was not a topic that interested me at the beginning of my political career. I was not passionate about it at all. It was an issue that had long been ‘owned’ by the socialist parties and was often associated with radical 1970s’ feminists who were referred to often in the media and in discussions. This was not a group that I could identify with – hence my lack of interest. 

Then, in 2004, I received a report showing that my municipality was ranked the fourth worst in Norway for gender equality. This aroused my competitive instincts and marked the start of my engagement on gender equality and the challenges this poses for living standards, even though it was still largely the preserve of politicians from the left at that time in Norway. Now gender equality is a key issue for all Norwegian parties, although we do not always agree on how to achieve it

By Janne Fardal Kristoffersen

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