Monday, June 27, 2016

Good mothers can also have a full-time job 4/6

! Striving for power and leadership does not come naturally to many of us. We must change these attitudes. We must cheer on success in politics and in the workforce, not just in sports, if we are to have a robust workforce able to compete with the rest of the world.

 In the southern part of Norway, women are still expected to devote the majority of their time to their families; to take most of the responsibility for taking care of their homes, children, parents, in-laws etc. In reality, this means many women have two full-time jobs and often fail to take any time out for themselves, with the consequent risk of falling ill. In some cases, this may reflect their men’s lack of interest in domestic responsibilities. In others, the women themselves may be partly responsible by not allowing men into their home ‘domain’. If women are not willing to let men take over some of their domestic responsibilities, then they are also responsible for men not contributing more on the home front.

By Janne Fardal Kristoffersen

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