Saturday, March 4, 2017

Take adequate measures to improve the gender equality in public employment.5/6

IV. RECOMMENDS that Adherents take adequate measures to improve the gender equality in
public employment. To this effect, Adherents should:
1. Promote the flexibility, transparency, and fairness of public employment systems and policies to
ensure fair pay and equal opportunities for women and men with a mix of backgrounds and
2. Develop both comprehensive and more cause-specific measures to address any gender pay gap in
the public sector and horizontal occupational segregation, as appropriate through:
i) enacting pay equality and equity laws and regulations, tools and regular pay assessments in
public sector institutions, including the identification of the predominantly female and male
job classes in the public sector, and the evaluation of compensation differences among them
and of the need for adjustments;
ii) performing regular and objective desk audits, targeting low-paid and/or female-dominated
sectors to ensure pay equality and equity, and implementing policy recommendations based
on their results; and
iii) ensuring effective channels of recourse for challenging the gender wage gap in the public
sector as appropriate, for example by considering independent complaint and legal recourse
mechanisms for non-compliance.
3. Promote merit-based recruitment; consider positive policies and practices to ensure a balanced
representation of men and women in each occupational group in public sector employment; and,
develop concrete measures to ensure the effective removal of the implicit barriers within hiring
and staffing processes, where appropriate and necessary.
4. Establish clear institutional roles and responsibilities for promoting gender balance in the public
sector, including independent recourse and appeal mechanisms, which should be adequately
funded, resourced, and linked to executive teams to ensure their effectiveness.
5. Raise awareness of gender equality considerations among public sector managers and enhance
management and executive accountability to ensure gender balance at all levels and occupational
groups, and deal with gender equality issues in workplaces, including through performance
management frameworks.;jsessionid=2c11m3hrgeiqi.x-oecd-live-03

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