Monday, March 20, 2017

Women’s economic empowerment in the changing world of work Draft agreed conclusions 6/8

Managing technological and digital change for women’s economic empowerment
(v) Support women’s, particularly young women’s, access to skills and training in new
and emerging fields, especially science, technology, engineering and mathematical education
and digital fluency, by expanding the scope of education and training opportunities;
(E/CN.6/2017/3, para 49 (x))
(w) Ensure universal access to skills, knowledge, information and communications
technologies that are economically, geographically, linguistically and virtually accessible to
women workers, as well as increased broadband and mobile phone access for women;
(E/CN.6/2017/3, para 49 (y))
(x) Encourage productive technological change in support of decent, good quality
public and private sector jobs for women in the green economy, especially in the area of climate
change mitigation and adaptation; (E/CN.6/2017/3, para 49 (z))

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