Sunday, March 15, 2015

Guarantee women’s access to and enjoyment of decent work 1/5

Governments and international institutions should:
 • Adhere to globally agreed human and labour rights standards by introducing and implementing legislation and policies that guarantee and promote women’s access to decent and safe employment, whether in the formal or informal sector. This should include a living wage, secure contracts, access to social protection (such as parental and sick leave, and unemployment benefits), women’s right to organise and access to remedy, equal pay for work of equal value, equal opportunities and non-discrimination in the workplace.
• Eliminate all laws that discriminate against women and inhibit their economic equality.
• Develop and implement binding international and national regulations, policies and mechanisms that require companies’ full compliance with international human rights standards throughout their supply chains, including taking responsibility and being held accountable when violations occur, and guaranteeing access to remedy. Businesses should:
• Abide by ILO decent work standards and conventions, as well as in-country legislation, and support new and implement existing standards and regulations.
 • Undertake rigorous gender-sensitive human rights due diligence throughout supply chains.
 • Enter into collective bargaining and social dialogue with unions and workers’ organisations, including when ensuring access to remedy where rights violations occur.

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