Saturday, March 21, 2015

Promote women’s voice, agency and leadership at all levels 4/5

Governments and international Institutions should:
 • Promote women’s leadership, voice and agency at all levels, from household to international spheres, including through engaging with trade unions, civil society and feminist organisations in economic policy making processes and spaces, such as in national development planning, meetings of the International Financial Institutions, G20, or the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Businesses should:
• Ensure that women workers and their voices are equally and meaningfully represented at all levels of decision-making.

• Support and invest in women entrepreneurs and invest in training and promotional activities
 • Develop transformational approaches to core business activities that ensure respect for women’s rights and bring down the barriers that women face in the economy. Civil society organisations and trade unions should:
• Support poor women’s collective organisation and give them a platform to raise their concerns and demands to decision makers at all levels.
• Hold governments and businesses accountable for their commitments to deliver on women’s rights and women’s economic equality.
• Engage in policy dialogue to promote alternatives to the current unsustainable economic model and pursue rights-based alternatives that work for all, especially poor women and men.

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