Sunday, July 30, 2017

Measures against trafficking in women and children 14/15

108. Australia reported that it had funded a range of domestic, regional and international anti-trafficking measures pursuant to its 2003 strategy to combat human trafficking and slavery. Key measures included the establishment of specialist teams within the Australian Federal Police to investigate human trafficking and slavery matters, an Australian Policing Strategy to Combat Trafficking in Persons, a victim support programme which provided individualized case management support, visa arrangements to enable suspected victims and witnesses of human trafficking and slavery to remain in Australia and support the investigation and prosecution of offences, regional activities to deter human trafficking and slavery, to train law enforcement officials and to assist victims under Australia’s overseas aid programme, as well as regional engagement in the AsiaPacific on human trafficking issues through the Bali Process on People Smuggling, Trafficking in Persons and Related Transnational Crime.

 109. Belarus reported on its international centre for the training, advanced training and retraining of personnel working in the area of migration and the combating of trafficking in persons, which was the main institution where experts from Member States of the Commonwealth of Independent States received specialist training. Since its establishment in 2007, around 1,100 individuals from 16 States, including the United Kingdom, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates, were trained at the Centre.

110. In Belgium, awareness campaigns were conducted in the States of origin of trafficking victims, especially women and children, in order to inform them of the practices of traffickers. A flyer was developed in 2009 to inform visa applicants of the existence of labour exploitation networks and also provided relevant information of services that can help victims. Furthermore, judges received training on trafficking in persons in 2011, organized by the Judicial Training Institute.

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