Monday, July 24, 2017

Prevention and other operational measures 11/15

92. Most States reported that their police had a specific role in crime prevention efforts. This role included situational prevention, such as patrols, supervising and monitoring in areas where national action plans were applied, as well as involvement in social prevention. Some States noted that the police had specialized expertise on prevention, assistance and protection women victims of violence, or  that the police participated in the training of young leaders, in awareness-raising campaigns and in forming coalitions with national and local stakeholders.

93. States reported on the establishment of victim protection, counselling and assistance measures as well as public awareness programmes, involving campaigns for non-violence, websites or establishing helplines. The media were also used as a tool in preventing violence against women and girls through promotional spots, interviews and participation in radio and television programmes. Several States9 also reported on prevention programmes focusing on other vulnerable groups such as migrants, trafficked persons, indigenous groups and women affected by harmful traditional practices.

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