Friday, January 27, 2017


The SDGs represent the single largest opportunity to both focus concerted effort on achieving gender equality and to mainstream a focus on gender across global, sustainable development efforts. However, the Goals currently lack a meaningful accountability framework and are in danger of losing or watering down their focus on gender. Express your full support for full implementation of Goal 5 and the mainstreaming of gender throughout the framework’s implementation, and tap a high-level designee for SDG implementation who:

  • Š Links the SDGs and their targets to theimplementation of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action and ensures that the CSW has a clear mandate to oversee implementation of the Agenda. Š 
  • Links SDG implementation to CEDAW reporting, enables a feminist accountability framework where member states must report on their progress and can be challenged by civil society. Š
  •  Ensures that gender equality and women’s human rights is a cross-cutting theme in all related forums and discussions for follow up and review of the 2030 Agenda and the SDGs, including the High Level Political Forum, which should include shadow reporting. Š 
  • Advocates for the collection and use of complete, accurate sex-disaggregated data (i.e., “gender data”) to measure efforts toward and achievement of the targets outlined in SDG5 and across the SDGs.

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