Saturday, January 21, 2017

The Way Forward

We, Urban Thinkers of the World Urban Campaign, are committed to The City We Need 2.0, its ten key principles and ten drivers of change to achieve sustainable urbanization.
As non-state actors joined by a shared vision, we commit to combine our strengths to build The City
We Need.
As local and sub-national authorities, we will act as catalysts of policies, strategies and actions to deliver The City We Need.
As research and academia, we will contribute knowledge through relevant research to advance The City We Need.
As civil society organizations, we will mediate between civil society actors and the state to ensure the representation of all in the realization of The City We Need.
As grassroots organizations, we will ensure the inclusion of all grassroots communities in the realization of The City We Need.
As women, we will ensure the full inclusion of women and girl at all levels of The City We Need.
As parliamentarians, we will promote The City We Need principles in national policies and legislation.
As children and youth, we will make sure that The City We Need is sustainable for future generations.
As business and industries, we will contribute through innovations and inclusive solutions to deliver

The City We Need.
As foundations and philanthropies, we will partner with others to support and finance The City We
As professionals, we will use our skills to build the City We Need and promote professional and ethical practices.
As trade unions and workers, we will support and protect the builders of The City We Need.
As farmers, we will nurture The City We Need through sustainable agricultural practices.
As indigenous people, we will infuse our local ancestral knowledge and customs in The City We Need.
As media, we will promote and disseminate The City We Need.

We call upon National Governments and the international community to support The City We Need through effective policies, strategies and actions at the national and international levels to help position sustainable cities at the heart of 21st century development.

We request the United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development to consider our vision and commitments towards the New Urban Agenda.

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