Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The City is regenerative and resilient 6/10

The City We Need is designed to be resilient, continuously assessing risks and building the capacities of local stakeholders, individuals and communities to prepare for, absorb, recover from and learn from acute shocks and chronic stresses, both natural and anthropogenic. It acts to avoid or prevent such events where feasible, protecting vulnerable populations before, during and after the fact. It recognizes that it is only as resilient as it’s most vulnerable and marginalized dwellers and strives to ensure their long-term survival, sustainability and quality of life.

The City We Need is regenerative, energy and resource efficient, low-carbon, and increasingly reliant on renewable energy sources. It replenishes the resources it consumes and recycles and reuses waste. It manages water, land, and energy in a coordinated manner and in harmony with its hinterlands. It supports ecosystem restoration and city-regional food systems, including urban and peri-urban food production and community-based agriculture. It is endowed with multifunctional, adaptable infrastructure that supports local biodiversity while providing public space that improves quality of life. It recognizes the carrying capacities and limitations of the natural systems which support it, and values ecosystem services for the roles they play in urban health, environmental protection, aesthetics and livability.

The New Urban Agenda should call on cities to plan for and provide infrastructures and incentives for industries to prosper in a circular economy and to implement sustainable production and consumption patterns.

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