Sunday, January 1, 2017

The City is socially inclusive and engaging 1/10

The City We Need is people-centered, ethical, and just. It eliminates all physical and spatial forms of segregation, discrimination and exclusion. It values the lives and and potential of all inhabitants, especially the poor and other disadvantaged groups. It embraces cultural diversity, including differences of belief and language, and encourages social integration of migrants and refugees. It encourages all segments and age groups of the population to partake in social and cultural life.

The City We Need promotes the “right to the city for all”. This entails the right to a dignified and secure existence with access to decent housing, public goods and services and a voice in decisionmaking. It fosters a culture of solidarity through processes such as community consultations, community contracting and participatory budgeting.

The City We Need is a tolerant city. It accepts and embraces all inhabitants regardless of age, race, creed, gender or other forms of diversity.  It creates collaborative spaces that are socially inclusive, driven by democratic decision-making. It fosters shared values and a shared vision for a common urban future.

The City We Need recognizes gender differentiated needs and supports women as key actors in planning and adopts measures that enhance their involvement and their ability to participate effectively in decision making. The New Urban Agenda should aim to recognize and integrate divergent interests, lifestyles and values of different city dwellers through more effective civic engagement, particularly during the planning to implementation stages for local and city-wide projects. It recognizes that engagement is much more than ensuring access to basic services for all and promotes bottom-up participatory processes throughout the entire policy cycle: to collectively define and review priorities, strategies and actions.

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