Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The City is affordable, accessible and equitable 2/10

In the City We Need resources are distributed equitably and opportunities are available to all. Land, infrastructure, housing, transport and basic services are planned and operated with special attention to improving access by women and low-income and disadvantaged groups. Public services are designed with the participation of communities and consciously include the needs, safety and dignity of women, elderly, children and youth, persons with disabilities and marginalized groups.

The City We Need regards every inhabitant as a citizen of the city regardless of his or her legal status. It engages residents of slums and informal settlements in improving their quality of life and works closely with all sectors to address the root causes of informality.

The City We Need recognizes that its inhabitants are co-owners of the public space, which are designed with their participation and consciously include the needs of women, the elderly as well as children and youth, persons with disabilities and marginalized populations.

Rapidly growing cities will inevitably require some resettlement of communities. The City We Need undertakes resettlement in such a way as to minimize disruption to people’s livelihoods and their social networks and relations.

The New Urban Agenda should recommend a continuum of legitimate tenure arrangements (collective and individual, customary, perceived or formally registered) that involve legal protection against forced evictions, dispossession, destruction and other violations.

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