Friday, January 13, 2017

The City has shared identities and sense of place 7/10

The City We Need fosters a strong sense of place and generates a sense of belonging for all.

The City We Need has a multifaceted identity made up of diverse neighborhoods and peoples who consciously seek ways to share a common sense of place. It recognizes culture as key to human dignity and values diversity as a source of creativity, growth and learning in a knowledge economy.

It functions as a resilient learning community that responds to changing needs of its population in the context of an ever-changing world. It strengthens its relationship with surrounding rural regions, recognizing the valuable resources rural areas provide for urban inhabitants.

It develops local solutions to urban challenges through the use of local culture and heritage, local skills and materials and local knowledge.

Human beings are connected to places via their senses. Cities should recognize the importance of sensory stimulation and beauty to sense of place and wellbeing. The City We Need designs urban public and natural spaces to actively promote aesthetic experiences. It enables people, especially poorer communities, to claim ownership of urban spaces and use them to contribute to a shared experience and to enhance a sense of achievement and belonging. The City We Need uses art in all of its forms as a creative means for all citizens to design, explore and experiment with new urban paradigms.

The City We Need looks at heritage not just nostalgically but in an evolutionary and innovative sense. It celebrates the rapidly evolving nature of most modern cities as it cherishes the value of indigenous knowledge, culture and perspectives.

It recognizes the importance and role of art in creating uniquely distinguishable and aesthetically pleasing places and that different forms and means of expression all have a place in the city.

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