Sunday, January 15, 2017

The City is well planned, walkable, and transit-friendly 8/10

The City We Need adopts integrated planning to meet present and future needs for land, housing, infrastructure and services. It adopts participatory planning by bringing on board and empowering all stakeholders in the development of its plans and building codes. The resulting land use integrates form, function and connectivity. Multimodal networks of social and economic exchange form a framework of interconnected public space.

The City We Need is compact where accessibility is supported by a fine-grained block and street network lined with buildings and facilities providing amenities and services with a mix of uses and sizes. The density of the city is designed to allow for planned urban expansion while reducing its ecological footprint and sprawl. Schools are within walking or biking distance from homes. Offices are located no further than a few transit stops away from homes. Shopping for daily necessities is within walking distance of residential buildings and located near transit stops. Open space for recreation is near schools, work, and home.

The City We Need has efficient and affordable mobility systems that guarantee the right to mobility for all and an equitable access to workplaces, places of worship and recreation, culture and services.

The New Urban Agenda should call on cities to adopt and implement their respective plans in a flexible manner, periodically updating their key components to better meet the needs of all partners, people and communities.

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