Monday, January 9, 2017

The City fosters cohesive territorial development 5/10


The City We Need coordinates sectoral policies and actions, such as economy, mobility, housing, biodiversity, energy, water and waste, within a comprehensive and coherent territorial framework. Roles and responsibilities between all stakeholders, while respecting the principle of subsidiarity, are clearly defined with resources allocated strategically, equitably, and around a common agenda.

The City We Need is a catalyst for sustainability planning across jurisdictions within the region it occupies. It actively seeks to coordinate and implement policies, make investments and take actions that retain local autonomy while building and enhancing regional cooperation. It actively seeks cross-sectoral coordination and cooperation and promotes mutually beneficial and environmentally sound linkages between rural and urban areas.

The New Urban Agenda should encourage cohesive territorial development to avoid urban sprawl and preserve natural resources. It should recommend reducing the need for transporting goods and people through appropriate clustering of housing, industries, services and educational institutions. It should recommend inter-municipal cooperation to achieve economies of scale and agglomeration, optimize use of resources and prevent unhealthy competition among local authorities and other public agencies.

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