Saturday, January 7, 2017

The City is collectively managed and democratically governed 4/10

The City We Need is participatory. It promotes effective partnerships and active engagement by all members of society and partners (public, private and civil society). It safeguards local democracy by encouraging participation, transparency and accountability.

The City We Need cultivates a strong sense of community. Its inhabitants are equipped with the knowledge and means to express their views on issues affecting their quality of life. They engage in city management and planning decisions through transparent public discussion.

The City We Need empowers communities to be self-supporting, developing local capacities and supporting local leadership and collaborative institutions to boost self-reliance, awareness and selfdetermination.

The City We Need makes public service an employment of choice and engages appropriate professionals and ethical practices to carry out its policies and plans.

The City We Need recognizes the important roles that women fulfill in their respective communities and strengthens their participation in urban and local decision making.

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